Graters & Zesters

From grating cheese to zesting lemons, our range of graters and zesters will make prepping food a quick and easy task. A staple in every house hold, graters are multi-functional and our smart designs help to facilitate the various pieces of produce they can used with. The hand held graters and zesters are particularly ergonomic and comfortable to grip, making your life in the kitchen that much easier.
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  • Multi-Grip™ Box Grater with Precision Food-Grip


  • Multi-prep™ Compact Multicolour 4-piece Grater & Slicer


  • Multi-Grip Mandoline™ Plus White


  • Twist Grater™


  • Bestseller

    Multi-Grip Mandoline™ Green


  • Handi-Grate™ Orange 2-in-1 Mini Grater & Slicer


  • Handi-Zest™ Green Citrus Zester