The ultimate chopping board buying guide

Whether you’re looking for a set of chopping boards or one that will help speed up food prep, discover a range of inventive, colourful and space-saving designs below…

A chopping board is the first port of call for every great meal, whether it’s chopping veg for a midweek stir fry or carving a Sunday roast. It’s worthwhile, then, to invest in a chopping board that’s functional, durable and kind to your knives.

Our range of chopping boards offers 20 years of expertise and innovation with an emphasis on making food prep quick, easy and as mess-free as possible. With plenty of chopping boards to choose from, our in-depth guide will help you find the perfect one. Chop to it.

What type of chopping board are you looking for?

Chopping board sets

If having everything organised and in one place is a priority, our chopping board sets are ideal for you. The multiple colour-coded chopping boards store in a slimline case, keeping your worktop neat and tidy.

Hygienic food prep

Each set offers multiple colour-coded boards to help avoid cross-contamination when handling different types of food. The textured cutting surfaces won’t damage knives either.

organised storage

Each chopping board set includes a slimline storage case to help keep the boards organised, within easy reach and – in the case of Folio™ Slim – off the worktop. The case also allows air to circulate between the boards for quick drying.


Folio™ 4-piece Chopping Board Set

"Excellent quality. Saves space. Easy to keep clean. Looks and feels much better than the usual boards."

Leoni W. Verified Buyer

Multi-function boards

Want a board that does it all? Look no further than our Cut&Carve™ range. With two styles of chopping board in one design, it’s the perfect choice for versatile food prep that won’t take up too much space on the worktop.

Perfect for Sunday roasts

And everything else. One side features an integrated food grip that keeps meat in place when carving while the other offers a smooth cutting surface for all other chopping requirements.

Clever features

The non-slip board features an angled base and raised edges to collect juices and crumbs while the corners are designed for easy pouring. Stainless-steel bars make it easier to lift and carry the board.


Cut&Carve™ Plus Chopping Board

"Holds the meat in place and allows juices to collect so they can be added to the gravy. Such a great addition to your kitchen."

Catherine H. Verified Buyer

Folding boards

Yes, you read that correctly. Our folding chopping boards are designed to do just that, fold, allowing you to quickly transfer chopped food to pots and pans (and leftovers to the food waste caddy).

Innovative folding design

Each board in the range folds – in most cases with a squeeze of the handle – making it easier to pour chopped food into pots and pans.

Knife-friendly cutting surfaces

The non-slip boards stay flat on the worktop to allow for easy chopping, slicing and dicing while knife-friendly surfaces won’t blunt expensive blades.


Chop2Pot™ Plus Folding Chopping Board

"These chopping boards are great, no more spills when adding veg to pans and being dishwasher safe is an added bonus."

Jennifer S. Verified Buyer

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