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Up your recycling game With a little help from our recycling range

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Joseph Joseph - Up your recycling game
Joseph Joseph - Up your recycling game

If you’re looking for another reason to recycle – apart from the obvious – our GoRecycle range should do the trick. Each collector and caddy in the collection is designed to make it quicker and easier to do. Scroll below to find the perfect GoRecycle bin for your home.

GoRecycle 14L Recycling Caddy

Compact but clever, this recycling caddy is split into two 7-litre compartments, allowing for easy sorting and storing of various types of recycling. When it’s time to empty, the lids come together to form a convenient carry handle.

GoRecycle 28L Recycling Caddy

Separate glass from paper and cardboard with our 28-litre, dual-compartment caddy. When the lids are not being used to handle the bin, they close down over the compartments to hide unsightly waste, keeping your kitchen neat and tidy.

GoRecycle 32L Recycling Collector

Recyclable items tend to fill a bin or bag quite quickly, often spilling out and requiring regular emptying. This 32-litre collector comprises a clip-on, one-way lid to help trap items inside as they are pushed in, allowing for twice as much crushable recycling as a similar-sized bin.

GoRecycle Collector & Caddy Set

This two-piece recycling set offers the maximum amount of storage in a compact space. Both the 14-litre caddy and 32-litre collector stack neatly together, making them an ideal option for storing in a cupboard or utility room.


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