Bathroom Luxe

Give your bathroom the upgrade it deserves with our new Bathroom Luxe range. From smart soap pumps to space-saving toothbrush caddies, these luxurious bathroom essentials come with a high-quality polished stainless-steel finish.

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  • EasyStore™ Luxe 5L Stainless-steel Pedal Bin


  • Easystore™ Luxe Stainless-steel Concealed Toilet Roll Holder


  • EasyStore™ Luxe 2-in-1 Stainless-steel Toilet Roll Stand


  • Flex™ 360 Luxe Toilet Brush with Stainless-steel Finish


  • EasyStore™ Luxe Stainless-steel Soap Dish


  • EasyStore™ Luxe Stainless-steel Soap Pump


  • EasyStore™ Luxe Large Stainless-steel Toothbrush Caddy


  • EasyStore™ Luxe Stainless-steel Toothbrush Caddy