Twin brothers Antony & Richard Joseph founded Joseph Joseph with the aim of revolutionising tasks in the home and making the everyday more efficient. This year, along with our amazing team, we are proud to be celebrating 20 years of innovation. 

Our first product was a simple glass chopping board, but we’ve conquered many areas of the home since then. See some of our proudest achievements over the past two decades.

Designed in London, our award-winning products blend innovative design and high-quality materials to create durable designs that work beautifully.

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Whenever we create a product, we start by identifying an everyday problem. Watch the video to see how we created Porta™ - our easy-empty pedal bin - and discover how we go beyond the obvious to find a solution.

“We come up with original solutions to tasks in the home and make sure these work beautifully and are long-lasting.”

Antony Joseph

Pushing for perfection

Inventing, researching, making prototypes and testing every design – these are the daily tasks performed by our exceptional team, to ensure products perform brilliantly. Functionality is at the heart of everything we do and we’re always pushing for perfection.

“We‘re frustrated with products all the time. That‘s the drive to come up with a better idea.”

Richard Joseph

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Whether you're looking to update your kitchenware or find a new laundry basket to make washday simple, you'll find plenty of inspiration below.

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Discover our most iconic designs, which include the popular Tota easy-empty laundry baskets and smart Totem waste separation and recycling bins.

Designed in London. Built to last.